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Karen Woodley

Spiritual Advisor

Reiki Master, Shaman, Qigong Healing,

Healing with Angels

[email protected]

My passion is to help others and our planet to heal.  

To bring together wisdom, strenth, health, vitality & Love.

Realignment of the Chakra system 

Connecting you to your higher self

Grounding your energy system 

This form of realignment allows the body's energy system to heal.

 Our perspective can change how we see the world around us.  Living in balance allows the mind to be clearer, which puts us in good alignment with the Universe and our creative source.

Learn how to Relax the body and mind, move energy through the main channels, build vitality, and focus on positive emotions – gratitude, peace, happiness.  Learn how to protect yourself from negative energy.

5 Signs that you have picked up negative energies:

-You feel tired and unmotivated for no reason.

-You find yourself worrying about things that usually don't bother you.

-You feel sadness or anger for no reason. 

-You want to isolate yourself.

-Feeling of pain in the body for no reason.

When Healing begins:

- When you stop reacting to others, who would normally trigger you.

- When you start to see others with their own unresolved trauma.  That has nothing to do with you.

- You enjoyed alone time.

- You start setting boundaries.

- You have a knowing that we are all here to learn and grow, It's okay to make mistakes or be miss understood.

- You start loving who you are and your own beauty.